Why Steam Your Carpets Clean?

Whether you are talking about commercial premises or a domestic setting, carpet steam cleaning is a highly effective way of getting the best out of your floor coverings. Although vacuum cleaning is something that needs to take place on a regular basis if you have carpets, this is not enough on its own to ensure that they remain in a fully clean state. What are the main benefits of steam cleaning when it comes to wall-to-wall carpets and rugs?

Get Rid Of All Dirt

Firstly, a steam cleaner is able to do a much more effective job of removing ground-in grime. Unlike wooden or tiled floors, carpets are designed to trap dirt so that it does not become airborne once more. Although this is a benefit of this sort of flooring, it can mean that dirt accumulates, especially in areas where you continually tread over carpets, such as close to entranceways. Steam cleaning your carpets will refresh and renew them so that they look as good as new, which is important because it is particularly noticeable if your carpets have not undergone such treatment for a year or two.

Healthier Living

As well as dealing with dirt, a treatment from a steam cleaner will also help your carpets to become healthier. Sometimes, there are microbes that build up in carpets, either from pets or from insects and spiders. In addition to the sort of germs that build up from animals, you can things like allergens which become trapped in the fibres of your carpet simply because you have the windows open from time-to-time. Steaming your carpets will get rid of such pollutants, including known carcinogens that sometimes remain in carpets from things like cigarette smoke, for example.

Remove Spores

When you fail to give your carpets a regular deep clean, you can find that mildew and other mould spores build up. Carpet steam cleaning will deal with these foul-smelling spores so that even if your carpet suffers from a spillage down the line, unwanted mould will not take hold. This is especially useful if you have someone in your household or workplace who suffers from allergic reactions or a respiratory condition. Indeed, it is beneficial anyway for boosting the longevity of your carpet, too. Most professional cleaning companies recommend that a steam clean is carried out on carpets around once a year with 18 months being the maximum amount of time you should allow to pass between these sorts of deep cleans.