Three Reasons To Use A Commercial Office Cleaning Service This Winter

The hot days of summer are almost over in Australia, and that means very shortly the temperature starts cooling down. As a first-time office manager, now is the ideal time to interview and choose a commercial office cleaning service for your building before the winter arrives. There are very good reasons to do this, and here are three of them.

Pest Control

As a human being, you know that when the temperature drops, it is nice to stay inside where it is warm. Pests such as rodents have the same idea. Rodents come into commercial buildings looking for a place that is warm and has an easy food source. An office that is not regularly cleaned offers them both of these options. Rodents make nests out of cardboard boxes or waste paper and keep their tummies full with food scraps left around by your employees. However, a commercial office cleaning service gives the kitchen area a daily clean as well as getting rid of your rubbish, so the rodents should look elsewhere to set up home.

Employee Sickness

Every year during winter, businesses lose money due to lost productivity because employees fall ill with colds and flu. With these bugs transmitted so readily between your staff, it is critical to the workflow that your staff is protected as much as possible, and that is where a cleaning service comes in. Cold and flu germs lurk on computer keyboards, door handles, telephone handsets and more. A daily clean of these items with a strong disinfectant eradicates the germs and prevents them from being spread through the office.


Finally, it is hard to keep morale and positivity high in an office during the winter thanks to the dull grey skies outside. Additionally, there are fewer sunlight hours at this time of year, and that also affects the mood of your staff. A clean, nice-smelling office gives your staff a calm, uplifting work environment where they can shut out the gloominess outside and focus on the job at hand.

As you can see, this trio of benefits is compelling reasons to get a commercial office cleaning service employed ready for the winter months ahead. You can, of course, reexamine your need for the service once winter is over, but you will likely find every reason to keep them on contract once you enjoy the benefits of a clean, tidy and healthy working space.