Is the Ventilation System in Your Office Building in Good Condition?

If you own an office building and rent individual units out to third party clients, then you are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and certain services. Your building may have centralised air conditioning systems in place, and while the tenant may handle the energy cost associated, you will be responsible for maintaining that system in good working order. This means that you will need to clean the ductwork and all other parts of the ventilation system from time to time if you are to avoid any problems. What do you need to know about this essential task?

Health and Safety

In this day and age, health and safety are even more important than ever. You'll want to ensure that the air being piped into each separate unit is of the best quality and is not compromised due to the condition of your ducting system.

Issues With Humidity

When was the last time that this part of the system was cleaned properly? If the air has quite a lot of humidity on a regular basis, this may lead to a buildup of mildew or other bacteria on the surface of the ductwork or in and around the grills.

Regular Attention

You need to bring in a professional, commercial cleaning company to inspect and clean all of these components at regular intervals. They will have the tools and equipment to do this and the right products to make sure that everything is sanitised at the same time.

Healthy Environment

Remember, your tenants may employ a number of people who are seated in close proximity to each other. You need to ensure that they get a clean and fresh supply of air, and you may also need to look at the condition of the ceiling fans fitted in each room. As these fans turn at speed and may be rarely shut off, you may not realise how much dust and dirt can accumulate on the top surface. Again, this can pose a health hazard if it is left to pile up over time, and your commercial cleaning company can get rid of any of this during their visit.

Trusted Partner

Make sure that you entrust this work to a company with a good pedigree, background and experience in their field. They can then visit on a regular basis so that you do not run into any problems with your tenants.

To learn more about commercial cleaning services, contact a cleaning company today.