Two reasons to use a carpet steam-cleaning service if your baby has started crawling

If your baby is now crawling, you should hire a carpet cleaning service. Here are two reasons why.

It's safer than using traditional carpet-cleaning products

If you want your carpets to be clean enough for your baby to crawl on without picking up germs, then you'll need to use some type of tool or cleaning product to get rid of the pathogens on them. If you don't use this steam-cleaning service, the only other way to achieve this would be to use a carpet cleaning product and your vacuum.

The chemicals in these cleaning products can be effective at getting rid of germs but will usually leave a residue on the carpet fibres, even if you wipe the cleaned areas with a wet cloth afterward. Whilst this wouldn't be an issue if you and your family were just standing and walking on the carpets, it could cause problems if your young child crawls across the residue-coated carpet and gets these chemicals on their hands, knees and feet. These strong chemicals might irritate their skin and could even be hazardous if, for example, they rub their eyes after getting the residue on their hands.

If you want to prevent this, steam-cleaning the carpets is the way to go. The cleaner who does this job will be able to eradicate virtually all of the pathogens on your carpets by applying extremely hot steam to the floors. Their equipment will leave absolutely no residue behind, as no chemicals need to be added to the steam to make it effective at cleaning. As such, the carpets will be safe for your baby to crawl on immediately after they have dried.

It's more effective than thorough vacuuming

Many people think that if they vacuum their carpets very thoroughly, then this is as effective as a steam cleaner. This is not the case and if you're worried that your baby might pick up germs whilst crawling on your carpets, it's important not to buy into this misconception.

The truth is that whilst thoroughly vacuuming a carpet will mechanically remove a lot of dirt that contains pathogens, it will not pull away the thousands of microscopic pathogens that cling to the carpet's fibres. Only a steam cleaner, that's steam will saturate these fibres and whose heat will destroy the pathogens in them, can make a carpet truly sanitary. As such, using this service is the most effective method of ensuring your carpets are clean enough for your baby to roam around on them without getting harmful germs on their skin.