Why Rug Cleaning Is a Specialised Operation

If a relative of yours had handed down a favourite rug and you've had possession of this family heirloom for some years, it may be time to schedule a thorough cleaning. You may have been a little clumsy recently and spilt something on top of the rug, and while you took some steps to try and rectify the problem then and there, you know that you need to take further action. Yet why do you need to turn this type of work over to a specialist and how will they approach it instead?


Many people in this situation might go down to their local superstore and rent a rug cleaner. This type of machine is supposedly made for the job, but do you really want to trust to luck when it comes to this valuable rug?

Multistep Process

Further, you may not be aware that rug cleaning is a very specialist operation, and there are a number of different steps involved. To begin with, you may need to get rid of a significant accumulation of dirt and dust that will be trapped at the bottom of the pile. You may be surprised how difficult this is to access.


A professional cleaner may have an agitator and will certainly know how to get rid of that accumulation as efficiently as possible. But this will be only the first part of their work, and they'll want to assess what they have to deal with before they begin the cleaning work in earnest.


Next, they will identify your recently-introduced stain and any others they may come across. This will help them choose the cleaning solution, but they will also want to know if the dyes within the rug are colourfast. Again, this will help to determine what type of cleaning process to use so that the dyes do not run and ruin the rug itself.

Detailed Work

In an ideal world, you should only clean a rug like this outside or in a specialised room. A great deal of water will be used during the process, as the rug is cleaned and rinsed effectively. They will also use another machine to extract as much moisture as possible before hanging the rug on a special rack so that it retains its shape.

Careful Approach

As you can see, there are many different steps involved if you want to clean a rug like this effectively. Don't leave it to chance as you could ruin this precious heirloom if you do. Always entrust the work to a specialist cleaner.

For more information, contact a local rug cleaning service.