Thinking of Cleaning Your Carpets? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Whether in a commercial office or residential property, you should not underestimate the need for professional carpet cleaning services. Though cleaning a carpet seems like a simple exercise, you can make costly mistakes if you fail to do it correctly. This article highlights some of the carpet cleaning mistakes that professional carpet cleaners can help you evade:

Over-Wetting the Rug

You should be cautious of the suction power of the machine you use. If the machine does not have the right suction power to pull out all the moisture, the carpet will be left wet. Wet carpets can result in wrinkle marks, which are not pleasant to the eye. Mould and fungi can also grow on the fibre.

Poor Dirt Removal

Several things can make your carpets look old, including inadequate rinsing and improper removal of dirt. If you do not eradicate dirt and stains, they will destroy the carpet fibres slowly, eventually making the carpet look old and unattractive. 

Use of Inappropriate Tools

It is vital to stick to the recommended carpet cleaning tools to avoid damaging your carpet. Otherwise, you may end up ruining its texture. For instance, using heavy shampoo on loop carpets can destroy their fibres, forcing you to replace the carpet sooner than you otherwise would need to. 

Use of Incorrect Cleaning Supplies

The best way to achieve clean and pristine carpets is using the right cleaning products. They leave your rugs clean without discolouring them. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals that can cause the carpet to fade. If you are unsure of the ideal products to use, leave the work to professional carpet cleaners who understand the procedures better. 

Leftover Residue

Carpets act as filters, allowing dust, dirt and soil to settle on them. While that may seem insignificant, it can result in devastating damage. This accumulation mostly happens when leftover residue or detergent from poorly rinsed carpets traps dirt from the atmosphere. With time, your carpet will start getting discoloured, and you will not like it anymore.

Lack of a Proactive Maintenance Program

Most people take too long before cleaning their carpets. They wait until the sight of the dirty carpet is unbearable. The problem is that carpets hold on to dirt that penetrates their fibres without necessarily being noticeable. When the dirt continues to accumulate, the carpet fibres begin to weaken, and you might have to invest in another carpet.

You can spare yourself from buying another carpet by observing a proper cleaning and maintenance program. Regular cleaning preserves the appearance and life of your carpets.

Avoiding these mistakes ensures that your carpet maintains its beautiful appearance for a long time. The best way to do that is by hiring professional carpet cleaners. These experts understand the proper steps to follow when cleaning different carpets and have the right tools for the task. Contact a company that offers carpet cleaning services to learn more.