Benefits of Hot Carbonation Extraction Over Other Carpet Cleaning Techniques

A clean carpet can do a lot of good for your business. It ensures employees are comfortable, healthy and productive. Customers can also realise some of the benefits, which goes a long way in promoting repeat business. However, some companies only know about steam carpet cleaning since it is the most common technique. Besides steam cleaning, you should think about hot carbonation extraction as an alternative carpet cleaning method. This article explores the key benefits of hot carbonation extraction when carpet cleaning.


Since carpets are characteristically glued or nailed into place, cleaning takes place indoors. This can distract operations in the workplace; therefore, many businesses prefer to hire carpet cleaning services on weekends. Still, wet cleaned carpets can take up to 6 hours to dry completely. It can be attributed to the slow drying process associated with steam-cleaned carpets. The drying process of hot carbonation extraction is fast, and you can resume regular foot traffic in an hour. Furthermore, fast-drying prevents the development of mould and mildew, which can be harmful to employees and customers. Besides, it protects fibres and allows a carpet to last long.

Longer-Lasting Clean 

During steam carpet cleaning, service provider employees must do a thorough job to extract as much detergent as possible from a rug. If they do a shoddy job and leave soap residue on fibres, a carpet will act like a magnet, attracting dirt and dust even when dry. Notably, it increases the rate at which a carpet gets dirty, warranting frequent cleaning. Conversely, hot carbonation extraction utilises very little water, eliminating soap residue problems. Furthermore, hot carbonation extraction relies on powerful extraction techniques to blast, release and suck deep-lying dirt within carpet fibres.


Even if the carpet cleaning services you hire charge a relatively low fee, the overall cost can quickly rack up if you ignore the cleaning method used. For instance, some cleaning techniques use a lot of water to ensure thorough extraction of soap residues. However, frequent cleaning sessions add to your monthly office maintenance costs. On the other hand, hot carbonation extraction utilises very little water, keeping your bills low. In addition, the fact that the cleaning method keeps a rug clean for longer eliminates the need for frequent cleaning sessions. Besides, cost savings are realised due to the reduced frequency of carpet replacement. Therefore, the carpet cleaning technique saves a company money, which can be channelled to other crucial operations.