Have You Thought About Using an Office Cleaning Company?

How well do you clean your company premises? Do you rely on your staff to empty the bins and polish their desks every day? If you expect your existing staff to fit in the office cleaning alongside their existing duties, it will be easy for the cleaning to be sidelined or forgotten. Cutting back on cleaning, especially during busy periods when everyone is needed to carry out client-facing work is understandable, but that can create unanticipated problems. If you have customers or clients visiting your site, they often judge your business on what they see, as well as what you tell them. If they look around and see a grubby floor, overflowing waste bins and a layer of dust on the desks, they won't want to work with you. They will assume that the level of care you put into your office cleaning is the same that you will put into your work for them. Instead of asking your already busy staff to take on office cleaning work, why not hire a professional office cleaning company?

Bringing in an office cleaning company

Working with an office cleaning company is an effective way to ensure that your offices are kept sparkling clean, but you must ensure that you choose the right office cleaning company. There are two specific things that you must check before agreeing to work with them.


Your offices often contain sensitive information that you would prefer to keep from your competitors. There may be personal data relating to clients or financial information relating to contracts or private transactions. An office cleaning company could easily access this information, especially since much of their work is conducted outside office hours and is unobserved. To find a trusted company, check their reputation and see what other clients say about their work.

Understanding their brief 

Office cleaning can involve emptying bins and mopping floors, but the requirements of every company will vary. You might ask the cleaning team to wax and polish each desk every day, or you might prefer to have papers left undisturbed on desks so that staff members can start work immediately they enter the office in the morning. You might want every carpet vacuumed daily, or you might think that a monthly brush is sufficient for a rarely used area. The office cleaning company should take the time to understand what you need and tailor their work to your needs.